Raffles & Auctions

Raffles & Auctions

Each year we even surprise ourselves with the incredible line up of  Auction and Raffle items!

So you already know you want to come to the Seafood Brewfest, right?

What if I said you could win ALL that is pictured below (plus add beer to the bucket) just by planning ahead?

Yup, all you need to do is buy your tickets online prior to the event and you will be automatically entered!

 (Don’t fish? Don’t worry just come for the party!)

Online ONLY Raffle Prize. Beer Fishy Fishy Sweatshirt, Yeti Loadout bucket, Yeti Drink Holders Boat To Bar T-shirt.

NEW this year! ONLINE Raffle Ticket for

Patriots VS Colts tickets

Online Patriots Raffle: Buy your tickets NOW don’t wait for the event. Catch the Patriots vs. Colts game at Gillette Stadium WITH access to the Optum lounge!  Get your raffle tickets TODAY before they sell out!

Here are the details for this amazing game package:

  • 4 Seats Patriots vs. Colts  game at Gillette Stadium on Thursday, October 4th at 8:30 p.m
  • 4 Passes to Optum Field Lounge
  • A total value of $1000+!
  • Raffle tickets are $15 each,  5 for $60, or 10 for $100
  • Drawing is Thursday, July 19 at Dockside Tournament (you do not need to be present to win).
  • *Not valid for any other Patriots game. **Food and Drink are available to purchase at Optum Lounge.


Raffle & Auction prizes are being added each day!

So keep checking in!